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Can I recycle my vape?

Scientific information on the environmental impacts of e-cigarette production, use and disposal is currently very limited. But with the number of vapers worldwide predicted to reach 55 million by 2021, recycling and sustainability are likely to become increasingly important topics. 

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Given all the different components in a vape, the prospect of recycling could seem confusing but here are three things you can do to help reduce the environmental impact:

1. Consider a refillable vaping device

National Geographic points to refillable vaping devices as a way to reduce any environmental impacts from vaping, as they often require only a small amount of e-liquid per use and can include rechargeable batteries. 

2. Check the device manufacturer’s guidance on disposal 

Once a vaping device or e-liquid has been finished with, the general advice for vape users is to follow any guidance provided by the manufacturer relating to recycling or safe disposal. A number of manufacturers have now launched drop-off schemes to recycle their single-use pods; consult the user-guide or product website for more information. 

3. Speak to your local council

In the instance that there is no information on disposal provided by the manufacturer, consult your local city council for advice on disposal. Many have guidance on which components can be recycled and which collection they need to be placed in for disposal.

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